I graduated with a BA in Acting from the Norwegian Theatre Academy (NTA) in 2003, and have since been working professionally on my own projects/productions and collaborations with other theatre- and visual artists, as a director, performer, and conceptual creator and playwright.

My works are in the interface between performance art and text-based theatre, deploying a fragmented narrative which hyper-links on timing and content, where the different layers of the performance constantly change transparency in relation to each other- a way of devising that has much in common with musical composition.
I have through my own works Pony of No return and the performance duo Sons of Liberty with Stina Kajaso, had an influence on the Norwegian performance scene through a mixture of pop-culture, trash and misantrophic honesty.

In 2010 I started the 3 year program Directing for Performing Arts in the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts (SADA), and I have also been taking parts of the MA in New Performative Practises in the Swedish University of Dance and Cirkus(DOCH).

In 2012 I joined the A.pass post graduate program for performance research in Brussels, Belgium.


If you cant beat them, join them, then beat yourself up to hurt the team!

Pony of No Return is a platform where I engage co-operators according to need and interest. My solo shows include Armløs slår tilbake, a spoken-word performance based on my novel with the same name, and latest, Skogsunderholdning- Talk Softly But Carry A Big Stick, where I collaborated with the visual artist Erik Tidemann.

What fascinates me about theatre is its roots and close ties to such diverse and powerful things as ritual, offering, war, trials, public execution and torture, the dance plague, religious and secular festivals, prostitution, myth and reality.
The goal of which is common ecstatic experiences and transcending everyday life with its constant fear, scanning the underbrush for snakes. In this context we can meet and exchange energy while building a common space that is also a constantly changing situation, that we can live in for a while and which has its own rules, means and aims, and enables us to see things from a slightly different perspective. This is a powerful tool for freedom. Initiation according to Ouspensky and Gurdjieff works through rubbing different realities against each other till the initiate becomes uncertain of the reality she entered with, and thus becomes free to choose, to see

I want the audience to be witnesses more than observers, this requires participation and activation, and makes them co-conspirators in the unfolding events of the piece.

Pony Of No Return SHOWS:
Armløs Slår tilbake
Skogsunderholdning: Talk Softly But Carry A Big Stick
Spoken word
Heijdå Elever, Hallå Pengar!
Knekkende Julenøtter
We are a Band, We do Plays!

The theatre-performance-duo Sons of Liberty, was formed in 2003 (- 2010) with Swedish stage artist Stina Kajaso, after we graduated from the Norwegian Theatre Academy (NTA). 

Our goal is to make good theatre. We are constantly researching. An experiment that consists of: saving the world, the soul and the fun of existence. There is nothing better than this, we cannot try to be better than anyone, only show our own bad examples.
The greatest gift one can give to people is to grab them by the shoulders in a manly fashion and shake them out of their lives for a while. Grab a big spoon and stir around in the aquarium.
Sure, we call ourselves Mr. God and Mr. Jesus, but then again, anyone can do that.

Sons of Liberty uses fragments from fiction and references to comics, movies and popular culture as a basis for our scenic experimentation. Sons of Liberty has so far produced and toured with: Sons of Liberty, Duell: Sons of Liberty 2, God Hates Scandinavia: Sons of Liberty 3, and cooperated with the Torshov theatre, a part of the Norwegian National theatre, with Swamped in Sensation, as a part of the Contemporary Stage Festival 2007, and Pre Sang Real: Sons of Liberty 4.
Together we have also created various stunts, video works and installations


Sons of Liberty SHOWS:
Duell: Sons of Liberty 2
God Hates Scandinavia: Sons of Liberty 3
Swamped in sensation
Pre Sang Real: Sons of Liberty 4
E du ikkje reidd førr at æ ska rævkjør dæ me piasawakosten? /and other things)