Text and dramaturgy: Stina Kajaso and Lisa Lie
Performers: Stina Kajaso and Lisa Lie
Outside-Eye: Veit Sprenger
Direction: Sons of Liberty
Sound: Svein Segtnan and Sons of Liberty
Costumes: Dordi Strøm and Sons of Liberty
Scenography: Dordi Strøm
Lighting: Medvind
Supported by: The Arts Council Norway and the Goethe-Institute Oslo
Co-produced by Black Box Theater
Producers: Medvind

 «a feast of a show... Two bloody thumbs up!»
(Morgenbladet newspaper)

«satirical frenzy»
 (the theatre magazine Norsk Shakespeare- og teatertidsskrift)    

«surprising, repulsive, attractive, witty, critical and thrashy»
(Dagsavisen newspaper)

« wildly amusing »
(Klassekampen newspaper)


”Your only chance of survival is that you get off to see God hates Scandinavia while there is still time“, is what the critic from the newspaper Morgenbladet wrote after the opening of the show in March 2006. Sons of liberty’s critically acclaimed and macabre party-trash-comedy.
It is about longing for death and the fear of death at the same time, about modern, Scandinavian disillusionment and misantrophy, about stereotypes and gender roles. Here your are welcomed into a lively, hysterical and bloody world where the two skanky vampire whores Dracula and Ruccola feed you humor, deadly seriousness and abominations in rapid succession. In the few ferocious last hours before Armageddon they manage to squeeze in a multitude of different ways to die, go man hunting in Mexico and rip the audience out of their skins and common conceptions. 
Lisa Lie and Stina Kajaso has with this second full performance of the Sons of liberty-series created their very own trash-genre that respectlessly crosses the musical with everything from text based theatre to variety and situation comedy. These girls master timing and dialogue to the tips of their fingers and thrive on stage with iron control. They exist in a universe of uninhibited cheerful violence inspired by Satanist films, Playstation, Hollywood-musicals and kitchy pop- and porno esthetics, where irony and contemporary criticism are given plenty of space. God hates Scandinavia is simply hard-hitting contemporary satire at its best. And not to mention: It is incredibly funny.

The show opened March 30th 2006 at Black Box Theatre, and has since played and toured extensively in Norway.

Photos by Dordi Strøm , Eivind Stuevold and Tom Klev
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